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Breaches can occur for many reasons. Perhaps a website you have used in the past has been compromised, exposing login details and passwords. Or perhaps you have been the victim of a sophisticated email phish. It is important to ensure compromised accounts and passwords are changed – both at the exposed site and any other services that share the same login. 

If you have been the victim of an account compromise please get in touch. For more prevention tips on password security please take a look at our blog posts on security.

Love your computer this February

Here at Fresh PCs we know the importance of keeping things maintained, we clean the office, we service our cars and we keep all of your computers in tip-top shape. We like to think that people love their computers and treat them in the same way they would treat their other half, with love & respect.

Is your computer:

  • Running slowly
  • Noisy / Hot
  • Behaving strangely
  • Internet dropping out

However, there can be symptomless issues which you maybe unaware of, these can sometimes appear out of nowhere and take you by surprise. So show your computer how much you actually love it, don’t break its heart this February and treat it to our half-price?health check & service.?bring your computer to us and we’ll make sure everything is as it should be. You’ll receive:

  • A full report on your computer’s health (temperatures, hard drive health, free space etc.)
  • Expert recommendations
  • Malware removal
  • Dust cleaned
  • Screen cleaned
  • Typical housekeeping and maintenance
  • The chance to purchase our industry leading antivirus at a special price?1 Year 1 User License of Bitdefender?included!

Usual cost of a full health check ?40 (inc VAT) and full service ?50 (inc VAT), total of ?90 (inc VAT).

We are able to supply this deal, half-price for February (2015) for ?45 (inc VAT) including antivirus (worth ?25)?- So get in touch today for your deal and give your computer some much needed loving!

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I’d love to hear about your IT issues and see if we can be a great fit for each other. Simply book in a no obligation chat. 

Sam James – Director and IT Expert

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