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Breaches can occur for many reasons. Perhaps a website you have used in the past has been compromised, exposing login details and passwords. Or perhaps you have been the victim of a sophisticated email phish. It is important to ensure compromised accounts and passwords are changed – both at the exposed site and any other services that share the same login. 

If you have been the victim of an account compromise please get in touch. For more prevention tips on password security please take a look at our blog posts on security.

Easter Eggs – The nasty kind

We all love a good old Easter Egg Hunt, especially when there is chocolate on the line! However some Easter Eggs have appeared in digital form and not the nice kind either…

The cryptolocker virus has struck again for one of our customers in the past few days, luckily we were able to recover everything this time around. This highlights the need for vigilance especially with e-mail phishing attacks being evermore unsuspecting. Another customer has also fallen foul of an e-mail pretending to be from their bank, it happens folks.

Three tips for avoiding any forms of computer ‘infections’:

  • Avoid?unscrupulous websites – Adult sites, illegal film sites such as putlocker – non-trusted downloads
  • E-mails requesting personal details with links to unknown websites – Banks and other organisations will never request information from you, always check the ?website address before logging into online banking.
  • Backups are very important, depending on where you backup to, devices such as external hard drives can be subject to the cryptolocker virus but there are ways of backing up in a completely secure manner which keeps your information, photos and music safe.

A quick Google around can also sometimes return other internet users’ experiences with phone numbers and links you are not sure about.

Just remember to always be vigilant and use your computer responsibly. If you are not sure, ask the question, we’re on hand to help.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this new found sunshine!

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