The new GDPR data protection law starts in just weeks ? Friday 25th May.

From that date there are a number of new data security measures your business must comply with.

Yeah, we know. That?s a real pain.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the new law, just winging it won?t do. If there?s any kind of data security breach, you?re looking at a huge fine. And being publically named and shamed.

That potentially means your data security mistake coming up in Google results every time someone searches for your business?

Now is the time to make sure your business is ready for GDPR.

You could just set aside a week or so to read through all 99 articles of the new law. But have you really got that time to spare?

Probably not. We?ve written a new guide on GDPR data security for you.

Click here to download it.

And if you want to arrange a data security audit, you can contact us. Or call the helpdesk on 01584 517234.

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