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About Fresh Tech



Fresh Tech is a Computer Repair and IT Support company based in North Herefordshire and South Shropshire. Founded in Ludlow in 2014 by Sam James, we have continued to grow and expand since.

In 2020 we rebranded to Fresh Tech to fit in with our expanding role of not just PCs but everything tech that runs your business.

Based in Ludlow, with a remote team, we are able to provide a flexible and efficient service to Businesses in the immediate and surrounding areas and even further afield. Adopting the latest technologies in remote support and remote monitoring and management, as well as on-site visits, technology review meetings and budget planning, Fresh Tech will be your port of call for Business IT and Technology partnership.

Tech Lovers

With an emphasis on preventative techniques, we want to limit the amount of downtime you experience. We have IT Support Packages available, providing all the IT Support you need at one fixed monthly price, so you can really control, predict and ultimately decrease your monthly spend on IT related problems. Stop investing in downtime, slow response and robotic call centres.

We know IT can be confusing, especially if you don’t have the knowledge on how to tackle those tough issues. Here at Fresh Tech we’ll fix those frustrating, hard to handle problems so you don’t have to. At the drop of an email, or the dial of a number, professional help will always be moments away.

Established in 2014

Evolving with you

Bringing a Fresh Approach

Giving a damn about your IT services. Moving with the times - we aim to be the friendly face walking into your office, the enthusiastic voice on the end of the phone and your supporting partner for I.T and Tech.

Customer Satisfaction Matters

Your feedback shapes our growth. We actively seek feedback on any work we carry out to work out what works and what doesn't. If there is room to improve then we must.

Growing Solutions For Partners

Your requirements and needs are what matters. Not profit margins or free gifts. Solutions will be picked and developed to do the job you need it to do.

Flexible Approach

With flexible terms to meet your business needs, along with a never say never approach - if we don't do what you need chances are we know someone who does.

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