Crisis: Your office is on fire

Crisis: Your office is on fire

This is something none of us wants to experience. But it does happen. There’s a small fire in your office. No-one is hurt and everyone is safe. But the damage to your workplace is unbelievable. The flames. The heat. The smoke. And of course, the huge amounts of water used to put out the fire. […]

7 signs that you need a new computer

Repair or replace? 7 signs that you need a new computer It’s always tempting to hold back on purchasing new IT equipment. Yet it can sometimes cost you more if you hang onto equipment for too long. Did you know that if a device is more than 3 years old it’s actually cheaper to buy […]

Accountants: Address Your Biggest Technology Issues Accountants: Address Your Biggest Technology Issues Evolving accounting technology offers tremendous growth potential for the future. But this digital transformation leaves accounting firms with more technology to monitor and maintain. The ebook Addressing the Biggest Technology Issues for Accountants examines:    What digital transformation looks like for accountantsChallenges addressed by incorporating IT into accounting processesCybersecurity risks  Best […]

Your 2021 productivity super guide

Your 2021 productivity super guide

Ready to make this a wildly successful year for your business? To shake off the memories of 2020, and focus on increasing sales and profitability? Excellent. A great place to start is helping you and your team to get more done in less time. We’ve pulled together a productivity super guide, looking at setting goals, […]

The top 5 questions you could ask us, that we’d love to say ‘YES’ to

The pandemic made hundreds of businesses round here question the quality of the IT support they were receiving. We’ve been very busy recently talking to businesses, and onboarding new clients as their IT partner. There are five questions in particular that you could ask us, and we’d be delighted to answer with a very positive […]

Business Owner’s Guide to Protecting Client Data You Don’t Have to Slice IT Budgets Cybercriminals target businesses. No matter their size. After all, your business is a hub of information cybercriminals can use to steal funds or identities and blackmail victims. What would you say to your clients if they found out their information was freely available on the internet? You’re […]

Better Balancing IT Price and Value

December eBook

It’s universal. Saving money is a badge of honor. Even a millionaire can get a buzz from getting a bargain! Why? Because even the richest person recognizes their funds are finite. Business IT decisions are often driven by the bottom line. It’s easy to compare costs when considering different products or services. Yet value is […]

Ultimate Secret to keeping your Business Data Safe

Hackers never sleep. They are attacking businesses just like yours every moment of the day – using the latest automated attack methods and sending out millions of emails. All it takes is one bad click from one employee and they can gain full access to all your systems and files.  That’s why we’ve put together […]

Can you work anywhere, at any time, and on any device?

Nobody saw 2020 coming…BAM! After the mad rush to work from home there are now businesses with some in the office and some still working from home. And it looks like…this is the…”new normal” (sorry!) Now we don’t know what the future may hold so it makes sense to make sure that anybody, can work […]

Ransomware is the fastest growing crime on the planet. How does it affect you?

Ransomware is horrendous. Just horrendous.

Imagine going into work one morning. You turn on your computer and go to make a cup of coffee. On your return you notice there is nothing on the screen…just a big red warning.

There is a message telling you that all your files have been locked and the only way to recover them is to pay a tonne of money. And it needs to be in bitcoin.

This isn’t a one in a million chance event. It happens everyday to businesses just like yours – the big and the small. And what’s worse – it’s also an absolute nightmare for IT Support Providers to deal with once infected. It can spread. It can shut down businesses.

We’ve put together a new guide for you to download – no signup required. Hopefully it helps.