Business Owner’s Guide to Protecting Client Data You Don’t Have to Slice IT Budgets Cybercriminals target businesses. No matter their size. After all, your business is a hub of information cybercriminals can use to steal funds or identities and blackmail victims. What would you say to your clients if they found out their information was freely available on the internet? You’re […]

Better Balancing IT Price and Value

December eBook

It’s universal. Saving money is a badge of honor. Even a millionaire can get a buzz from getting a bargain! Why? Because even the richest person recognizes their funds are finite. Business IT decisions are often driven by the bottom line. It’s easy to compare costs when considering different products or services. Yet value is […]

Ultimate Secret to keeping your Business Data Safe

Hackers never sleep. They are attacking businesses just like yours every moment of the day – using the latest automated attack methods and sending out millions of emails. All it takes is one bad click from one employee and they can gain full access to all your systems and files.  That’s why we’ve put together […]

Can you work anywhere, at any time, and on any device?

Nobody saw 2020 coming…BAM! After the mad rush to work from home there are now businesses with some in the office and some still working from home. And it looks like…this is the…”new normal” (sorry!) Now we don’t know what the future may hold so it makes sense to make sure that anybody, can work […]

Ransomware is the fastest growing crime on the planet. How does it affect you?

Ransomware is horrendous. Just horrendous.

Imagine going into work one morning. You turn on your computer and go to make a cup of coffee. On your return you notice there is nothing on the screen…just a big red warning.

There is a message telling you that all your files have been locked and the only way to recover them is to pay a tonne of money. And it needs to be in bitcoin.

This isn’t a one in a million chance event. It happens everyday to businesses just like yours – the big and the small. And what’s worse – it’s also an absolute nightmare for IT Support Providers to deal with once infected. It can spread. It can shut down businesses.

We’ve put together a new guide for you to download – no signup required. Hopefully it helps.

Making work easier – both home and the office with Microsoft Teams

July Teams Guide Cover

Lockdown has subsided. What Now? Enter the age of Hybrid Working.

Some people are working from the office. Some are working from home. Some need to work from anywhere in the world.

This chaos can be a nightmare when it comes to communication between team members and can hinder projects and day to day work.

However we have just the remedy! Enter Microsoft Teams – it’s great for keeping everyone on the same track and could replace internal email altogether. 

Just so happens we’ve written a guide just for you.

5 difficult questions to ask your IT support company

5 difficult questions to ask your it support company

Sometimes in life we have to ask awkward questions. How much did that cost? Do you really need a second piece of cake? What’s that smell?

But you don’t usually expect to feel awkward asking questions of an IT support company. Well, you should.

A few tricky questions could help you to decide if they’re really the people you want to protect your business and its data.

Make the wrong decision on which IT support company to work with, and you’ll lose time, money… and a lot of productivity too.

Worse still, if they’re not what they claim to be, you could also put your customers’ information at risk.

And at the moment, you really need to check their safety measures to protect your people.

We’ve written a new free guide, listing the 5 most important questions you should ask your IT support company. And not one of those questions is to do with how much they’ll cost you.