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What we do

Our Core

We’ve racked our brains trying to jot down everything that we do and came up with the below. On top of that we’ve also tried to explain as best we can what each entails. If there’s something that piques your interest or needs explaining further let’s have a chat!

IT Support Helpdesk

Equipment Procurement

Projects and Development

IT Strategy and Management

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Since our humble beginnings we have always championed moving with the times, giving our clients a helping hand through all the noise and doing it with a smile.
vision & Mission

Friendly &

To be the go to in the area for IT services and support, whilst putting value back into the community and support local businesses with eco friendly equipment and techniques. 

To provide friendly, thoughtful and useful IT services that allow you to focus on what really matters.  

We live by our values of: 
Inclusiveness - Respecting people and values in whatever we do.
Quality - Greatness never stops. We need to keep on top of the best practises in an ever evolving world. 
Openness - We work well with others and ensure we are truthful and transparent throughout.