IT Support In Ludlow

Since our arrival in 2014, Fresh Tech have been providing friendly and reliable IT services in Ludlow and the surrounding areas.

With our team of tech lovers and IT enthusiasts, we aim to be there for you whenever you need us to help reach your full potential. Whether you need expert IT services in Ludlow, Leominster, or Shrewsbury, we’re here to help. 

Ludlow is home to a variety of local businesses, who are always looking to increase their productivity by optimising their IT performance. Our team of experts take away the hassle and slowness to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. 

Our winning formula is simple, receive our advice to adapt and achieve. Here’s a few services we offer in regards to IT Support In Ludlow:

Unlimited IT Support Helpdesk in Ludlow

Wouldn’t it be great to know your costs month on month for the day to day IT Support and technology fees when running your business? That’s why we created our unlimited support packages. Priced per user, including Office 365/Microsoft 365 management, with packages offering remote only, onsite and 24/7 to suit all budgets and requirements. Our friendly helpdesk are here to help (meet us here) and always keeping on top of the latest tech, threats and best practises. Oh we also answer in under a minute to make sure we properly assess your issue and assign it the priority it requires. 

Monitoring of critical device parameters come as standard so we can be aware of any issues long before they creep up and surprise you, with many issues we are able to resolve without disturbing staff. Trends can become apparent and we can advise on required action whether its change of configuration or replacement of equipment. E.g. That old laptop still running Windows 8/7/Vista/XP!  

Virus Protection and Security Packages in Ludlow 

Now more than ever, networks are at risk of acquiring harmful malware that can press the pause button on your business’ activity. Here at Fresh Tech, we aim to remove that threat, by exposing those phishing and ransomware attacks and removing them. Visit our services page to find out how we can offer your business reliable virus protection in Ludlow. Many (possibly the majority) of threats arrive via email, so as part of our SOC package we will filter your email of spam, viruses and phishing attempts stopping these threats before your employees can accidentally or purposefully interact with them. 

Coupled with a strong antivirus layer you’re well protected. We offer three options depending on how secure and safe you need to feel and budget to suit, whilst ensuring each offering is enough to get the job done. Managed firewall devices can also be provided which work hand in hand with the whole security package. As part of this email security training and tests are provided at no extra charge to all mailboxes we protect. This will put all users to the test of how secure they really are when it comes to email security. If they fail, a useful training material is delivered to help them understand how the threat appeared and what to do in the future. 

We bundle the powerful (and British) suite from Sophos which integrates a whole host of features from a physical hardware firewall to endpoint and email protection. They can all talk to eachother creating an end to end security safezone.

Equipment Procurement

We’ve all been there – staring at a wall of products, not knowing what all the jargon means. Do you just buy the cheapest? What if it turns out to be incompatible or slow and unreliable. That’s where we like to think we can help choose and secure the correct equipment for the job. We only suggest products we would be happy to put our name next to, with reliability, performance and warranties you can count on. We price fairly and ensure from start to finish you get the right kit for the job. Nobody likes a slow computer! Especially when even if cheap, it costs you more in troubleshooting, staff inefficiency and possibly even having to purchase the kit second time round.