Why is a reboot required?

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

So why is a reboot required? You may have been prompted with a message telling you your PC needs to reboot.

There are many benefits to rebooting your PC or laptop on a regular basis. It’s the equivalent of catching up on some sleep which refreshes the mind. So much so we always recommend when you encounter an issue to try a reboot first – it’s amazing how many times this can rectify an issue. 

Computers also have to reboot to apply changes and updates on a regular basis. This is important from a security stand point but also from performance and reliability approach. Often we can encounter machines that have been on for weeks at a time – usually quite slow and acting very odd. Once we restart the computer it comes back to its snappy and happy self ready to perform whatever tasks you throw at it. As part of our regular maintenance and monitoring services we will monitor uptime along with pending updates and suggest you reboot your computer when it comes round to it. So if you see such a message – the time has come to give your computer a bit of R&R (when convenient) and get into the habit of giving the occasional reboot.