Strength Test

If your IT support company is ALWAYS fixing your technology… it’s time to switch

Fast response times are important when it comes to your business IT support. You want reassurance that if a disaster should strike, your support partner has your back and will get you up and running again in no time.

However. Too many IT support providers are spending most of their time reacting to issues, and not enough time preventing them.

While it’s true that you can’t prevent 100% of all IT problems – even with the greatest setup in the world there will be the occasional low-impact breach, or system failure – a proactive approach should dramatically reduce the issues that arise.

Because when your IT support partner is doing their job properly, they will spend the vast majority of their time monitoring, maintaining and updating your systems, to prevent unnecessary downtime or lost revenue.

It means they’re spotting and dealing with potential problems before they have an impact on your business. We call this Proactive Problem Prevention.

And the benefits to your business are countless.

A proactive approach to your IT could do more than save you time and money

My name is Sam and I own and run local IT support and data security company Fresh Tech.

Back in the day, IT support used to be about fixing problems when they arose. Today, we know that prevention is better than cure, and that’s the philosophy that drives me and my team every day.

Sadly, too many IT support providers are still taking an old-fashioned approach to the job. Because it makes them money! They can charge you more if they drop everything and spend hours or days fixing a problem.

Then there’s the added cost of the downtime to your business. And the demotivated team. And the lost work or data. Oh, and the clients who are unhappy because their data has been breached, or their project not completed on time.

While a proactive approach may seem more expensive at the beginning, you soon realise the added value that comes with seeing your IT support partner less.

Do you know how many issues your business could have avoided in the last year if your approach to IT was more proactive than reactive?

Let’s find out. For a limited time I’m offering local businesses a proactive strength test.

My team of experts will talk to you about your business, your IT infrastructure, and the IT issues you’ve faced over the past 12 months. Using this information, they’ll be able to score your business on our proactive strength scale, and make suggestions on the steps you could take to improve your score.

They’ll do all of this for no charge. It’s our investment in starting a working relationship with you.

Before we go ahead, we’ll need to have a quick 15 minute video call to discuss your business, and answer your questions.

It’s really easy to arrange this. My live calendar is below. Select the appointment date and time that suits you best.

Remember, there’s no obligation to buy anything, ever.

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